Our Story

the surfboard is celebrated for its simplicity. it is the iconic eco-friendly wave-gliding machine.  it is freedom, an escape from the stress of everydaylife, a sanctuary.


the white sand beaches of santa monica have kites flying and seagulls chirping. the beach boy’s are blaring from speakers propped up against an old vw van off pacific coast highway. it smells of sea salt and coconut sun tan lotion.  this beach has an incredible vibe, an incredible spirit-lifting energy. however – if you remove the surfboard; the iconic culture vanishes in a mere second.


GOODWIN‘S is a culture that mirrors the surfboard in its very elemental existence. we have taken the basic sandwich & discovered a wonderful way to have something so different and so special that friends said to the founder, andy goodwina surfer himself, some 20 years ago to open up a beach shack & sell some fresh & healthy california food.  he did, and ended up wildly successful as GOODWIN’S sandwiches.  after a time, he decided to pass the torch to worthy friend mike, and headed back to the so-cal waves.  mike moved GOODWIN’S into the legendary basement at 175 franklin for a fantastic run for years until he decided that rebuilding old vw’s and porsches was what he should be doing! he still can be found at 333 west wacker – look for him – the old guy!


so now we are with steve, a certified beach bum from malibu thrilled to carry on the GOODWIN‘S spirit.  like the intricate wood grain in a surfboard; we see many different lives cross our path daily in a never-ending circle.  when a surfboard gets old and tired, it becomes a table, piece of art or a fence post for the birds to sit along.  its life never ends – it simply ends up back in the earth to once again become another board to take out and ride. 


GOODWIN‘S restaurant has custom boards representing a special time of someone’s life.  the differing colors and patterns resonate health, success and the sustainable spirit of happiness. we encourage you to catch  our wave at www.surfgoodwins.com where we truly embrace a happy healthy lifestyle, make great food and love what we’re doing!  since most you have dined with us week after week & year after year for the 20+ years – we say a huge thanks. we love being a locally based chicago company, founded here & spending our time providing fresh & healthy sandwiches, salads and soups while serving smiles to the loop!


enjoy the day –



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